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Membership with the Self Storage Association Asia (亞洲迷你倉商) (SSAA) ensures that you belong to the most knowledgeable, influential, and up to date professional working group in the fast growing self storage industry to help your operations succeed in your local market and beyond. 

Self Storage Association Asia (亞洲迷你倉商) commits to fully serving its members through the membership benefits with members having access to vital educational, marketing, and networking opportunities.

Success in your business comes through membership benefits which include:

Education, Access to Information, and Training:

  • Market data:  Receive and share vital information pertaining to core business areas in the region
  • Educational and Informational events to learn more about the hot button topics affecting your industry - Promoted and hosted by the SSAA
  • Industry specific publications and regular newsletter updates
  • Opportunities to attend training courses designed specifically for the industry
  • Access to SSAA guidelines and support on issues such as insurance, late payers and non-payment procedures
  • Access to specific Members’ section of this website containing up to date regulatory and legislative information
  • Standard documentation pre-vetted by SSAA lawyers for use in your business including contracts


  • Networking sessions with our peers including local and regional events
  • Promotional Activities on behalf of the group to public
  • Preferential rates for the events including the industry’s Asia expo
  • Request business referrals and connect with influential fellow members, locally and regionally
  • Platforms to marketing, PR, and communications for your products and services
  • SSAA magazine, weekly newsletter, web site and on-going program of events
  • Valued endorsement on behalf of the group for potential customers about key ethics, safety, insurance, and industry, structural, and security standards


Advocacy on behalf of the group as a special interest    

We are here to succeed together. Please reach This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information or call +852 2153 8045.    

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