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Benjamin Parsad, General Manager
PTI Australasia, Australia

Biography of Benjamin Parsad

Benjamin Parsad is the General Manager of PTI Australasia Pty Ltd, the leading brand and world standard for access control in self storage. Starting out as technical support officer, a very clear understanding of the product and exceptional customer service skills is required of which comes naturally to Benjamin. After two years with PTI and being exposed to the industry he left PTI to pursue further understanding of self storage by working for a family owned self storage business assisting in implementing software management systems, access control and overseeing operations.  Ben managed this side of the business through a rapid growth period, from one location to four locations in less than two years. With all the knowledge and experience gained in the self storage he returned to PTI in 2008 as head of sales and technical support, then progressed to running the full operation as General Manager in 2011.  Ben has lead the PTI brand global penetration and expansion in new territories in Australasia.