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Hong Kong is one of the most active countries for self storage in Asia, growing in industrial buildings on seperate (or same) floors dotted all around the city since 1997. The ebbs and flows of the economy have helped the industry flourish and most recently, it has faced regulatory changes. The education of the industry is relatively in consumers and as of 2019, it has the highest per capita rate of self storage in Asia.


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Store Friendly, Hongkong Storage, The Store House, SC Storage


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Regulations, Potential Consolidation, Consumer Awareness relatively high, diverse investors


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HK Specifications for Self Storage Service 2017 | ENG | TRADITIONAL CHI

Standard Self Storage Agreement | ENG | TRADITIONAL CHI

Managed Self Storage Agreement | ENG | TRADITIONAL CHI

Dangerous Goods and Checklist | ENG | TRADITIONAL CHI

Manual of Advice and Procedure | ENG 

Payment default flowchat | ENG | TRADITIONAL CHI

SMS run sheet for late payers | ENG

Prohibited Activities and Items in Self Storage Poster | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

7 Days Overdue Letter | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

14 Days Overdue Letter | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

21 Days Overdue Letter | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

28 Days Overdue Letter | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

42 Days Notice for Immediate Entry | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI

CCTV and Camera Poster  | ENG + TRADITIONAL CHI