Investor Relations Service

Since 2014, as the only independent industry body in Asia, the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) has worked closely with industry professionals throughout the region in order to continually keep updated about the growth and progress of the self storage industry. 

Advice and introductions on behalf of the SSAA is well sourced, first hand, and fresh to market giving investors further piece of mind about the potential self storage investment opportunities where, with whom, and why.

Coupled with an SSAA Investor Membership, potential investors will receive the latest annual real estate and Ipsos Business Consulting market reports along with key introductions to regional professionals including potential partners, suppliers, and owners/managers. The SSAA can align your interests for further research and can help facilitate site tours with individual operators in given countries. Tour Program events happen twice a year in countries around the region.

Use the SSAA Investor Relations Service and Investor Membership program as your firm's stepping stone into long term industry investment. 

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