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Executive Summary:

Mainland China Self-Storage Industry - 60% growth since 2014.

While the self-storage industry is still very young in Mainland China, it has shown significant growth over the past two and a half years. Today indoor self-storage facilities can be found in 10 cities across China with three main cities driving growth; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Beijing has the highest number of facilities with the most gross floor area, however when comparing cities on a gross floor area per capita basis, Shenzhen comes out on top.  

The main challenges self-storage operators face when starting a self-storage business are ensuring the sustainability of the business and marketing and sales. Taking into consideration that self-storage is new industry and overall consumer awareness is naturally still low, these challenges are quite understandable.

On the other hand, the key drivers of the growing self-storage industry are the shrinking apartment sizes and increased demand from individual consumers, showing that once consumers understand the value proposition, they are very quick to start using self-storage. 

Ipsos Business Consulting has a very positive outlook on the future development of the self-storage industry in Mainland China.  Overall growth of just under 60% in the past two-and-a-half years is truly remarkable, while the growth in the number of facilities in Shanghai over the same period was even higher at 85%.  

Table of Contents:

 1 Preface
 2 Executive Summary 
 3 Greater China at a Glance
 4 Overview of Self-Storage in China 
 5 Detailed Analysis of Self-Storage in Beijing
 6 Detailed Analysis of Self-Storage in Shanghai  
 7 Detailed Analysis of Self-Storage in Shenzhen
 8 Self-Storage Outlook
 9 Appendices
 10 About Ipsos Business Consulting

Our market research provides information such as:

  • Greater China self-storage summary covering Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Mainland China national level:
  • Observed average monthly asking price
  • Operator average monthly rents
  • Storage mix by locker size and locker type
  • Facility segmentation by gross floor area
  • Average fit out / conversion costs 
  • Summary of regulatory issues for self-storage businesses
  • Mainland China national level and city level:
  • Key economic indicators
  • Total number of brands
  • Total number of facilities
  • Total number of cities with self-storage facilities
  • Gross floor area and gross floor area per capita
  • Rentable floor area and rentable floor area per household
  • Observed rent concessions
  • Consumer behavior information

And much more!

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