About SSAA

Welcome to Your Self Storage Association Asia!

Welcome to Your Self Storage Association Asia! The Self Storage Association Asia's (SSAA) mission is to help grow and protect both our member's businesses and the industry in Asia through research, education, government advocacy, key introductions, and high level networking opportunities. We support the interests of current and future facility owners, managers, suppliers, and investors by assisting them realize their interests in the region. As a membership based organization, we encourage these groups to join the SSAA and proactively participate in order to realize the fullest potential that each membership entails.

Purpose Statement

The SSAA provides information, education and support to facility owners/operators and industry stakeholders, ensuring a transparent, well regulated, profitable, and sustainable industry building a platform that encourages market demand and industry growth resulting in an increase in business valuations.

Collective Ambition

As the globally recognized and trusted Asia self storage industry body, to remain independent and serve our members and the industry with trust and value.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Encourage global best practices based on local regulations

  • Showcase operators of high standard to public through SSAA affiliation

  • Communicate with local government regulators for growth and protection of industry

  • Share up to date information about the industry with members early and often

  • Share a valued portfolio of services and products

Strategic Partnerships

The Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) has agreed with the Rental Storage Association (RSA) in Japan to work toward creating the SSAA Japan chapter.

Both associations have the same goal to grow and protect our members' businesses and the industry. While the SSAA formed in 2014 as the Asia industry body, RSA has been the main convener of the self storage industry in Japan since 2003. 

This strategic partnership shares even greater benefits to all members of both associations in order to be better aware of the self storage industry as well as the operators, suppliers, and investors region wide.

For further connectivity, by visiting our Japanese Page, it connects members directly to the RSA website. Click here to go to RSA Website.