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 Region  Membership Type  Company Name  Website  Enter Directory
Hong Kong  Operator Minibox Self Storage  
Hong Kong  Operator Cube Self Storage
Hong Kong  Operator The Store House

Hong Kong  Operator SC Storage  
Hong Kong  Operator Storage Works
Hong Kong  Operator RedBox Storage
Hong Kong  Operator Storefriendly Self Storage Group

Hong Kong  Operator Sunwide Storage  
Hong Kong  Operator Hongkong Storage

Hong Kong  Supplier CBRE Limited

Hong Kong  Supplier Storeganise

Hong Kong  Operator Wilson Storage

Hong Kong  Investor Heitman

Hong Kong  Operator Stored!

Hong Kong  Supplier Harvey Law Group

Hong Kong  Supplier Ipsos Business Consutlancy

Hong Kong  Supplier Colliers International


Hong Kong  Operator   My Storage

Hong Kong  Operator A Green Storage

Hong Kong  Operator Mr Storage


Hong Kong  Operator Island Storage
Hong Kong  Supplier Storage Select

Hong Kong  Supplier Honeywell

Taiwan  Operator Easy Storage Taiwan

Hong Kong   Operator Dah Cheong Mini Store  
Hong Kong   Operator In N Out Storage
Hong Kong   Operator BB Storage
Hong Kong   Operator Easy Self Storage
Hong Kong   Operator Canaan Mini Storage
Taiwan   Operator More Space

Hong Kong   Operator Vault Secure Storage   
Hong Kong   Operator Roomplus Self Storage
Hong Kong   Operator Target Storage
Hong Kong   Operator Home Plus Storage   

Hong Kong   Operator City Self Storage
Hong Kong  Operator One Storage

Hong Kong  Investor InfraRed NF Investment Advisers Limited    

Hong Kong  Investor Gaw Capital Advisors Limited


Hong Kong  Investor Fat Kee Stevedores Ltd
Hong Kong  Investor
Shougang Concord Grand (Group) Ltd.

Hong Kong  Supplier Schneider Electric

Hong Kong  Supplier MWI
Hong Kong  Operator 
Standard Storage
Hong Kong  Operator Energybox Limited
Hong Kong  Operator Restore HK Limited  
Hong Kong  Supplier  GMS Tradings (HK) Limited  
Hong Kong  Supplier Bravo Engineering Limited

Hong Kong

 Operator Alpha Storage
Hong Kong  Operator Mr Store Group Ltd   

Hong Kong
 Supplier Freevision

Hong Kong
 Operator 5D Storage

China  Operator Locker Locker
China  Operator MyCube Self Storage
China  Operator Cun Guan Yi  
China  Supplier FCX
China  Operator Bai Bao Cang

China  Operator Your Storage

China  Supplier Beijing Tianyuan Law Firm
China  Operator Good World Storage
China   Operator CBD International Self Storage

China  Operator  Yilecool
China  Operator  MiniCC Storage  
China  Investor  Warburg Pincus

Brunei  Operator  Aegis Secure Data Solutions  
Malaysia  Operator 3S Self Storage
Malaysia  Operator Flexi Storage

Singapore  Operator Mandarin Self Storage

Singapore  Operator Lock + Store

Singapore  Operator Store It! Self Storage

Singapore  Operator U-Store@SG
Singapore  Supplier Steel Storage Asia
Singapore / China 
 Operator StorHub

Singapore  Supplier NTL System Solutions
Singapore  Operator EBC Lifestyle Hub
Singapore  Operator Store-Y Self-Storage


 Operator EC Self Storage 

Singapore  Supplier Withersworldwide
Singapore  Operator Beam Storage Pte Ltd 

Singapore  Supplier  IoL Technologies
Japan  Operator Quraz

Japan  Supplier Palma Co., Ltd.
Japan  Supplier Sanei Planning
Japan  Operator Arealink Co. Ltd

Japan  Investor Centro Corporation

Japan/ UK  Supplier  Unwired Logic

Korea  Operator daLock  
Philippines  Operator Loc&Stor 24/7  
 Operator InStorage by Clairmont

Philippines  Investor MEC Networks Corporation
Thailand  Operator Pattaya Self Storage

Thailand  Operator Siam Self Storage
Thailand  Operator Bangkok Self Storage
Thailand  Operator Leo Self Storage  
Thailand  Operator JWD Store It Co. Ltd.

Thailand  Operator i-Store Self Storage
Thailand  Operator  Keep It
Thailand  Operator  REDD Premium Self Storage
India  Operator YOUR SPACE
India  Operator Space Valet
India  Investor
Kochi Holding Private Limited

India  Operator Orange Self Storage

Bahrain  Overseas Takhzeen Self Storage
Dubai  Operator The Box ME
Jordan  Operator Easy Storage Jordan
Australia  Overseas Urbis
Australia  Supplier Centerforce IT

Australia  Supplier Collins & Associates

Australia  Supplier PTI Australasia Pty Ltd

Australia   Overseas Bowen Boat Shed

 Supplier Self Storage Investments
Australia  Overseas  Total Contruction

Canada  Overseas U-Lock Mini Storage  
UK  Overseas Attic Self Storage

UK  Supplier Cushman and Wakefield
Hong Kong
 Supplier RADical Systems
UK  Supplier Reason Global Insurance
UK  Overseas Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP
UK  Overseas Storage Vault

UK  Supplier Janus International

UK  Supplier JLL

USA  Overseas Better Management Systems LLC

USA  Overseas Fremont Realty Capital

USA   Overseas Lindsey Self Storage Group
USA   Investor Rivergate International

USA  Investor Iron Mountain

USA  Supplier The Storage Group

USA  Overseas Performance Self Storage Group Inc.

USA  Overseas Storage World

USA  Overseas Armor Storage

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