Industry Leader

Tailored for members who want to showcase their full support and leadership in the industry inclusive of all member benefits, marketing, and awareness. This will be of special interest for suppliers as well as investors + operators with a great sense of leadership and growth in the region.

Before joining the SSAA, please take time to read through the SSAA Code of Ethics for Operator, Investor, or Supplier (Business nature depending)

Industry Leader Sponsorship (ILS) in your Self Storage Association Asia is dedicated for those who wish for the highest visibility for their brand to both members and non members. ILS members are seen as mentors in the growth of the industry by surrounding themselves in all that the SSAA does. You receive all the benefits of operators as well as all of the below.


ILS Benefits

VIP Privilieges.png

VIP Privileges

- Annual Membership in SSAA!*

- Year long Branding as a top Industry Leader Sponsor of the SSAA throughout the region in every medium and event

- 2x tickets to every standard event

- 1x sponsorship of standard event (of sponsor’s choosing)


Branding and Exposure

Top-level branding as a senior leader of SSAA

- On the SSAA website

- SSAA banner at every standard event

- Every flyer and e-Newsletter

- 1 x electronic direct mail delivery reaching our entire database of businesses and professionals

- 1 x Full page advertisement per In Store Magazine (2x per year)

- Marketing Material in each SSAA Member Welcome Package

- 1x ‘In the Spotlight’ feature in our supplier newsletter


Self Storage Expo Asia Benefits

- Get more from the annual Self Storage Expo Asia!

- 5% off any booth sponsorship!

- 1x Full Tickets to the Annual Self Storage Expo Asia (Including all social and educational events [Excluding Experience and Pre-expo seminar])**

- Section Sponsorship***


Tangible Value (In HKD)


•Section Sponsorship at Expo…….$11,700


•5% off booth…….~$2,300


•One Full Ticket to the Annual Expo……$4,700




•In the Spotlight…….$4,000


•Full Page Magazine Advertisement x 2…….$10,000


•Electronic Direct Mail…….$4,000


•Event Sponsorship…….$4,000


Total Value…..HKD$48,100 = USD$6,170
(this doesn't even touch on all the intangible benefits)


Sponsorship fee

Price - USD$6,000

*Price includes 1 year of annual membership. For Operators it includes the base price of membership.
**With purchase of 1 ticket
***With the purchase of an Expo Booth