Operator Members Directory

SSAA operator members are based in Asia countries. They are dedicated to contributing the self storage industry growth and serving the greater good. 

Directory_1 HK.png
Directory_1.1 HK.png
Directory_1.2 HK.png
Directory_4 BN 0924.png
Directory_4 CN 0918.png
Directory_4 IN.png
Directory_4 JP 0924.png
Directory_5 KR 0924.png
Directory_5 MY 0924.png
Directory_5 PH 0924.png
Directory_7 SG 0918.png
Directory_7 Taiwan 0918.png
20180727_Directory_7 TH.png
Directory_8 UAE 0924.png

To find more details information about our self storage operators, please go to the following link